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De plus, les textes avancent un récit de libération sexuelle par la migration qui reproduit les dichotomies dominantes.

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This thesis calls for reconceptualising the dominant narrative about the life course of immigrant men with non-normative sexualities. Far from being a migration from tradition to modernity, from oppression to liberation, their life course is a more complex story of mobility and visibility inscribed in unequal social relations.

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Far from being torn between a homophobic "ethnic community" and a racist "gay community", their story is one of re established bonds over significant social interactions.

At the intersection of multiple and conflicting norms, there is a process of re formation of subjectivities, both constrained and empowered by these norms. Two corpuses are combined: a critical discourse analysis of visual and textual representations of ethnic and religious difference in three major gay magazines in Québec and a grounded theory analysis of semi-structured interviews.

cherche homme de couleur

In addition, the texts bring forward a narrative of sexual liberation by migration which reproduces the dominant dichotomies. On the one hand, the experience of migration is modulated by various social phenomena beyond the single sexual liberation and homophobia is insufficient to understand the status of non-normative sexualities both in countries of origin and "ethnic cherche homme de couleur it is rather heteronormativity that renders inferior some sexual and gender practices.

On the other hand, the experience of visibility constraints is only very partially signified by the idea of a "closet": these men rather express the vast potential for experiences in a "tacit" space, allowing many to live their non-normative sexuality without telling it explicitly.

cherche homme de couleur

Finally, contrary to the rejection of religious accommodations expressed in cherche homme de couleur magazines, interviews show a real potential for accommodation of religion and sexuality that, despite tensions, maintains cherche homme de couleur faith or spirituality while living sexuality.